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ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition

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The ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition, with its 32 output channels, is packed with key options to fulfil heavy home cinema installs, such as a dual theater feature and connectivity with a DCP audio server.
This 32-channel preamp/processor offers an Alternate Theater output on the first 16 channels, which allows for multiple theater experiences to be alternatively selected, as well as offering multi-channel Digital Input that supports connectivity to video servers (such as a DCP cinema server) for original soundtrack experiences.
With 32 output channels and supporting all 3D audio formats, the ISP 3D.32 Reference Edition includes all the sophisticated control features that come with the ELITE Range.

The ISP 3D.32 ELITE | Reference Edition includes:

  • All 3D audio formats supported (Auro-3DDolby Atmos and DTS:X)
  • StormOptimizer - room calibration, powered by Dirac Live
  • SphereAudio - binaural immersive sound for headphones
  • StormMonitoring - remote monitoring
  • Microphone Mini-Kit (mic + stand) - for initial room calibration and permanent remote monitoring
  • 32 channel XLR analog output
  • 32 channel AES/EBU digital output (RJ45)
  • 16 channel AES/EBU digital cinema input (RJ45)
  • 16 channel duplicated (balanced) output connectivity (DB25), which allows managing a 2nd theater zone
  • Fully configurable speaker management
  • Flexible channel mapping and routing
  • Unlimited multi-subwoofer channels
  • Multi-way active and passive speaker management
  • 7 inputs / 2 outputs HDMI sockets with 4K UHD and HDCP2.2 | HDMI2.0 support
  • 16 channels immersive sound decoding and upmixing
  • Up to 32 channels post-processing
  • High quality analog audio with high-grade ADC/DAC
  • Network and Internet based control (wired network)
  • Single Home/Rack casing with removable rack mount ears

Special features include:

  • 32 Channel XLR upgrade: additional 16-channel XLR output optional board, including 32-channel post-processing upgrade
  • Digital AES Input upgrade: 16-channel DCP/DCI feature (2x RJ45 connectors) optional board
  • Digital AES Output upgrade: 32-channel AES output optional board (4x RJ45 connectors), including 32-channel post-processing upgrade
  • Unbalanced Output upgrade: 16 RCA unbalanced output optional board, used as standard output or for Dual Theater



The StormAudio product range has been designed to be fully modular and upgradable depending on current and future needs. With the various upgrade modules available, you have the option to expand your processor the way you see fit, upon your order or retrofitting after purchase.
Versatility is key when it comes to the connectivity options upon your disposal, with possibilities for digital and analog, balanced and unbalanced, main and secondary output choices.
Thanks to the modular nature and the versatile connectivity slots, we can provide extensive compatibility with other brands in the industry.


The ISP Hardware Configurator provides an overview of the various options;

You can also download the full size ISP hardware configurator here.

Reference Edition
Power Supply
Voltage range 100V to 240V
AC power 240W
Range selection Universal
Home / Rack (removable ears) yes / yes
Size 4RU
Sizes & Weight
Weight - Home/Rack Pro - net product 14,00 KG | 30.90 LBS
Weight - Home/Rack Pro - shipping 18,00 KG | 39.70 LBS
Sizes  - Home/Rack Pro - net product - (L x W x H) - cm 49,00 x 47,90 x 19,01
Sizes  - Home/Rack Pro - net product - (L x W x H) - inches 19.29 x 18.86 x 7.52
Sizes  - Home/Rack Pro - shipping - (L x W x H) - cm 67,00 x 63,00 x 33,00
Sizes  - Home/Rack Pro - shipping - (L x W x H) - inches 26.40 x 24.80 x 12.90
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